Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Autumn Conferences update!

So far this September we've already attended 4 conferences in a variety of subject areas:

Between 1st-3rd September we were at the University of Edinburgh for UACES, an annual media and politics conference. This year's theme was Rethinking the European Union. See right for a striking shot of Intellect's stand at the event.

We also set up stand at the fourth annual TAPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association) conference held at the University of Leeds between 3rd and 5th September. This conference was a chance for a themed open discussion across small working groups and was also a great opportunity for post-graduate students to gain confidence and exchange their ideas with other theatre and performance scholars. The conference included workshops from expert academics, the TAPRA AGM and a public presentation by Ukrainian theatre director Andriy Zholdak.

In the same week, we attended the BERA (British Educational Research Association) Annual Conference at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. This large, international conference was a superb chance to promote our art and design education titles. Left is a photo of Intellect's stand in the
exhibition space.

Finally, we headed down to the University of Reading to attend the Continuity & Innovation Contemporary Film Form and Film Criticism held at the University of Reading over 5–7 September. This conference aimed to consider the critical challenges contemporary film form poses for film critics and theorists, in an approach rooted in the detail of the film text itself. Filmmakers Stephen Frears and Birgit Grosskopf also attended the conference and spoke about their work.

Here is a photo of the Intellect stand in the foyer outside the Myra McCulloch Lecture Theatre at Bulmershe Campus.

Upcoming conferences include the Media@LSE fifth anniversary conference, Media, Communication and Humanity in London 22-23rd September and in October we'll be heading to Bangor in North Wales for the Creating Second Lives: Reading and Writing Virtual Communities.

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