Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The social network revolution....

John Berra, author of Declarations of Independence: American Cinema and the Partiality of Independent Production has formed his own group on the hugely popular social networking site Facebook.

Visit: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8593674129 to view the 'Declarations of Independence - Alternative Cinema Discussion Group.'

You'll find recent news, photos and a discussion board for heated debate on all things independent film-related, plus film recommendations and of course 'The Wall' for members to leave their comments.

If you're an author or editor of one of Intellect's books or journals why not think about setting up your own Facebook group related to your publication?

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

MECCSA PGN and SCREEN conferences

Intellect recently attended the 6th annual MECCSA PGN conference, held at the University of Sussex, over 1st–2nd July 2008. The conference offers the opportunity for postgraduate students to present their work to like-minded individuals in a supportive and productive environment. The conference included workshops from expert academics on contemporary topics such as publishing, teaching, the RAE and many other issues. MeCCSA-PGN is supported by the Art Design Media Higher Education Academy Subject Centre (ADM-HEA).

Here is a photo of the Intellect booth in the exhibit room at Bramber House and the Brighton pier at dusk!

Between 4th–6th July Intellect also exhibited at the 17th International Screen Conference, held in Glasgow, Scotland. The conference was based around the theme of ‘Sound and music in film, TV and video’, and consequently The Soundtrack journal proved very popular.

Below is a photo of Intellect’s stand in the theatre at the Gilmorehill Centre where the publishers' exhibition was held, and an outside shot of the Gilmorehill Centre, a converted church in the West End of Glasgow.

To see all recent posts about related conferences and attendance, please click on the link ‘Conference’ on the sidebar under ‘Categories’.

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New title explores two decades of European Queer Cinema

The emergence of queer European cinema over the past two decades has created a new academic area for analysis of the conflicts, anxieties and liberation of European sexuality.

Queer Cinema in Europe
, the first anthology of its kind, uses a collection of accessible, insightful essays to explore the questions arising from contemporary representations of gender, sexuality and identity in the diverse context of European filmmaking. An esteemed group of contributors discuss the varying representations of queer, gay and lesbian in cinema, deconstructing and redefining notions of national identity, culture, gender and sexuality. In addition to the contributor’s essays, illustrations from film stills present examples of queer in cinema, complementing the discussion. Griffiths’ volume animatedly addresses all aspects of queer European cinema, resulting in a comprehensive analysis of this intriguing contemporary genre. It explores a wide scope of films, directors and genres to forge a new understanding of what it means to be queer in the twenty-first century.
This timely book will make an invaluable contribution to current debates within queer cinema studies, and demonstrate the under-valued and vital role that European cinema has played in anticipating contemporary notions of queer subjectivity.

Title Info
Full Title: Queer Cinema in Europe
Editor: Robin Griffiths
ISBN: 9781841500799
Paperback: 230x174mm
Price: £19.95/ $40

For more information, and to order the book direct from us, visit:

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

YouTube Interview with Intellect's Founder, Masoud Yazdani

We interviewed Intellect's founding Managing Director and Chairman, Masoud Yazdani, and posted the video on YouTube! See the short film in full here:

You can also find it on YouTube by following this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38cA8-nh1O0

For more information and discussion visit Masoud's very own blog:
"A publisher's apology" in which Intellect's founder offers his reflections on what it is like being a publisher.

Recent topics covered in the blog include:
  • What does a publisher do?
  • Is there a future for an academic publisher?
  • Why do academics need to publish?
  • Why do artists want to publish?
  • Why we need ‘peer review’?
Please visit Masoud's blog and respond with your own ideas as well as examples from other publishing houses: http://www.onbeingpublisher.blogspot.com/

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