Wednesday, 2 July 2008

YouTube Interview with Intellect's Founder, Masoud Yazdani

We interviewed Intellect's founding Managing Director and Chairman, Masoud Yazdani, and posted the video on YouTube! See the short film in full here:

You can also find it on YouTube by following this link:

For more information and discussion visit Masoud's very own blog:
"A publisher's apology" in which Intellect's founder offers his reflections on what it is like being a publisher.

Recent topics covered in the blog include:
  • What does a publisher do?
  • Is there a future for an academic publisher?
  • Why do academics need to publish?
  • Why do artists want to publish?
  • Why we need ‘peer review’?
Please visit Masoud's blog and respond with your own ideas as well as examples from other publishing houses:

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