Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New title explores two decades of European Queer Cinema

The emergence of queer European cinema over the past two decades has created a new academic area for analysis of the conflicts, anxieties and liberation of European sexuality.

Queer Cinema in Europe
, the first anthology of its kind, uses a collection of accessible, insightful essays to explore the questions arising from contemporary representations of gender, sexuality and identity in the diverse context of European filmmaking. An esteemed group of contributors discuss the varying representations of queer, gay and lesbian in cinema, deconstructing and redefining notions of national identity, culture, gender and sexuality. In addition to the contributor’s essays, illustrations from film stills present examples of queer in cinema, complementing the discussion. Griffiths’ volume animatedly addresses all aspects of queer European cinema, resulting in a comprehensive analysis of this intriguing contemporary genre. It explores a wide scope of films, directors and genres to forge a new understanding of what it means to be queer in the twenty-first century.
This timely book will make an invaluable contribution to current debates within queer cinema studies, and demonstrate the under-valued and vital role that European cinema has played in anticipating contemporary notions of queer subjectivity.

Title Info
Full Title: Queer Cinema in Europe
Editor: Robin Griffiths
ISBN: 9781841500799
Paperback: 230x174mm
Price: £19.95/ $40

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