Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Intellect North America

As 2009 sees Intellect making inroads into a stronger US and Canadian presence, our North American website,, is now up and running!

We invite North American authors, editors and readers to visit the site for information about upcoming releases and book, journal and ebook order information. You'll also be able to find details of how to submit a proposal for a new book or journal under the 'Publish With Us' tab. The website features links to our US distributor, The University of Chicago Press, as well as Google Book Search and Amazon Search Inside programmes and our Facebook group.

Visit today!

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Friday, 19 December 2008


The Series Editors of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) invite the submission of book proposals for the ECREA Book Series:

WHO is invited to submit?
A clear preference is given to edited volumes that provide an overview of the work of the ECREA membership. At the same time, a degree of openness towards non-ECREA members is also considered to add value to the Book Series. For this reason, at least 50% of the chapters need to originate from ECREA members (individual members, or members through an institutional membership). For the same reason, at least one of the editors needs to be an ECREA member.

WHAT are we seeking?
ECREA Book Series Publications need to have a very clear theme on which they focus and which needs to be related to the focal points of ECREA (as described in article 3 of the ECREA statutes - see the ECREA website Although the series is open to the wide diversity of disciplines and subjects present among ECREA members, editorial choices will also take into account the potential audience of a proposed book.

What is the deadline for submissions?
Proposals need to be sent to the series editors (by regular mail or email) before 31 December, 2008 (17:00 GMT).

WHO subsidises the publication?
Each year, ECREA subsidises one publication. The ECREA Book Series editors will be in charge of selecting this publication. Their selection will be confirmed by a decision of the ECREA Executive Board.

Other publications may also be included in the ECREA Book Series. In this case, the editors will need to provide the necessary subsidies for the publication of the manuscript and for distributing a copy to each ECREA member. The inclusion of the book in the ECREA Book Series will still be dependant upon the decision of the ECREA Book Series editors and the Executive Board.

A more detailed version of the procedure is available at the 'Members only' segment of the ECREA website (

HOW should one submit a proposal or manuscript?
A form to submit a book proposal is available at the 'Members only' segment of the ECREA website ( The form can be found in the DocArchive, in the folder "book series". The document is called "application form for book proposals." Only this form can be used for submitting a book proposal.

TO WHOM should it be sent?
Book proposals and manuscripts can be sent by regular mail or e-mail (attachment in .rtf, or .pdf format) to:

Nico Carpentier
Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Free University Brussels
Communication Studies Department - SCOM
Pleinlaan 2
B-1050 Brussels

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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Viva Viva AVPHD exhibition

We recently attended the Viva Viva AVPHD exhibition held at the University of Westminster on the evening of 8th December.

The exhibition was held in a stunning converted engineering construction hall called the P3 Gallery at the University of Westminster, near Baker Street. The event showcased the work of 20 audiovisual PhD students, many of whose work featured in the most recent issue of our Journal of Media Practice (9.3) guest edited by Tony Dowmunt.

It was an opportunity for the students and their lecturers (or lecturers involved in related courses at other institutions) to showcase their Audio visual installations. Drawing from cultural studies, fine art, anthropology and new media, there were displays of videos, films, audio-visual installations and their written theses. The event was sponsored by the University of Exeter and London Centre for Arts and Cultural Enterprise.

The AVPhD network is an AHRC funded training and support network for all those doing, supervising and examining audio-visual practice based doctorates. The practice research projects it covers centre on audio-visual time based media, inclusive but not restricted to documentary, fiction, narrative/non-narrative film, and non-linear/new media.

For more info, visit the AV PhD website:

The event provided a good opportunity to meet with our authors and editors in the fields of media and art practice and to promote our books and journals in these areas. See above left, a photo of our stand at the event, and right, a shot of the gallery space featuring some of the installations.

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Monday, 15 December 2008

Media & Values nominated for Communications Policy Research Award

The book Media & Values: Intimate Transgressions in a Changing Moral and Cultural Landscape by David E Morrison, Matthew Kieran, Michael Svennig and Sarah Ventress has been nominated for a Communications Policy Research Award. Each year, the McGannon Center at Fordham University, New York presents the Donald McGannon Award for Social and Ethical Relevance in Communications Policy Research to the most notale book addressing issues of communications policy published during the previous year.

Further information on the award can be found at:

We'd like to wish the authors good luck!

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An Interview with the BFI Filmstore Manager, Ian Ryan

What kind of collaboration is there between the bookshop and the British Film Institute (BFI)?

All profits made by the Filmstore go back into the BFI and the work it promotes. We get a lot of support from all the different departments. For example, the Programming and Events teams have been really good in helping promote the Filmstore by encouraging guests to either take part in signings, or by opening doors to suppliers and distributors of interesting books and films. Having access to the more independent and interesting releases allows us to stay attractive, and helps set us apart from other outlets. Another department that has played a key role in our success is education.

Can you describe some of the key differences between working directly with independent publishers compared with big multinational publishers?

To be honest for me there’s been little difference between the two. I suppose this is my chance to champion the role of the rep no matter whom they work for, be it the large multinational or the small independent. If I were to give any advice to small independent shops it would be to make sure you work with your rep, make the most of them as they have a lot to offer. In the current climate they need us as much as we need them.

What are the biggest challenges facing independent bookshops in the future?

In one word ‘Amazon’. I understand that Amazon can work on the basis of a 15% margin but it doesn’t help when a customer can buy books cheaper from Amazon than I can buy them from the publisher. In my opinion what publishers have allowed with Amazon is a complete undervaluing of their product. It’s difficult for us with all these advantages so I really feel for the small booksellers out there. It’s not all bad though – Amazon does have its ‘Achilles heel’, which is its size. It has too much to choose from. The role of a good bookshop is to siphon out the rubbish and offer the products that the customer is looking for. Also, it lacks the personal aspects that a lot of people find important.

To read this article in full, download IQ magazine from our website:

Stockholders of Intellect's books:

The BFI Filmstore:
Belvedere Road, South Bank,
Waterloo, London, SE1 8XT
T: 0207 815 1350

London Review Bookshop (LRB)
14 Bury Place, London, WC1A 2JL
T: 020 7269 9030

The Arnolfini (Bristol)
16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA
T: 0117 917 2304

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA):
The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH
T: 0207 766 1452

Our books can be ordered through all UK and European bookshops via our distributor, Gardners:

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Monday, 1 December 2008

Award finalist

The book Australian Post-War Documentary Film: An Arc of Mirrors by Deane Williams
was a finalist in the Best Monograph category of the Film and History Association of New Zealand and Australia Research and Writing Awards 2008.

Further information on the award can be found at:

Congratulations to Deane!

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