Friday, 31 October 2008

EBL Ebook promotion

Save up to 60% on Intellect Books titles on EBL

We are offering a range of special discounts on titles purchased through EBL. This special limited promotion offers a wide range of selection choices and the more titles you purchase, the more you save.

Full Title List Discount
Receive substantial discount when you purchase the entire list of Intellect Books’ titles.

  • 60% off list price when purchasing Intellect's entire list - 149 titles

Select Subject List Discount:

Purchase any of Intellect Books’ select subject lists at half price.

  • 50% off list price when purchasing any complete subject list (subjects listed below).
Film Studies: 33 titles
Art& Design: 20 titles
Theatre & Music: 26 titles
Media & Culture: 44 titles

Pick and Mix Discount:

You can choose to ‘pick-mix’ from the 149 titles and save. The more titles you select, the more you save.

  • 35% off any list of 50-75 Intellect Books titles
  • 45% off any list of 75 or more Intellect Books Titles

About Ebook Library (EBL)
With over 85,000+ titles in digital format, EBL offers a range of flexible acquisition and access options for academic, research and corporate libraries. Libraries can purchase titles either direct with EBL or through a growing number of international partners – including Blackwell Books and YBP.

To order and see the lists of titles in full, visit:

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