Friday, 8 May 2009


We want to support young and talented photographers by offering them the opportunity to showcase their work on our marketing material and book/journal covers. We invite those interested in submitting photography work to send an email with a low-resolution picture to If your photo is selected for publication, it will be viewed by a wide audience of academic, readers, bookshops and libraries, and you will be credited accordingly. The selection procedure is based on personal taste only. Your name will be printed and if you have a web address we can include that too; a copy of the material will be sent to you to include within your portfolio.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Simon Bainbridge said...

Can I assume you're not paying for any artwork accepted and ask what copyright terms you are assuming?

Anonymous said...

In the case you are not paying any fees for the selected pictures, I would like to attract your attention on some issues.
You might think that you are giving their chance to young students photographers to develop their curriculum.
As you might already know there are also plenty of talented professional photographers and this is their everyday profession.
I am sorry to go on with the same leitmotiv, but this is not only a way to close doors and opportunities for them, but it is also a call to cut down the fees for this job because "others would do it for free".
You are a publisher of "innovative thinking". You are also pride to be independent (and you might be having a hard time to remain it).
You are signing contracts with your authors to protect their copyright which include royalties terms?
You already offer placement "to those hoping to gain an insight into the publishing industry", you should consider that you are generously investing enough in the growth and development of British youth... and you are giving away The Big Picture for free.
Now I feel bad...
This said, you might have already received hundreds of hungry proposals from students in photography who will soon realise that photography is just a hobby.

Holly said...

Hi Simon
Please can you contact me for further information regarding this opportunity and i can give you all the information, Many thanks Holly


Dear Anonymous

In response to your points Intellect would like to outline our commitment to the photographic community, both professional and amateur. We regularly utilize professional photographers and commission their work along with the work of other professionals operating in the creative industries. However, we also wish to promote the talents of emerging photographers and this seemed to be the perfect way to showcase their work.