Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Read Gorezone's review of Stephen King on the Big Screen

Gorezone is the world's No.1 monthly horror entertainment magazine and in their latest issue regular contributor Andrew McQuade reviewed Mark Browning's seminal investigation into Stephen King, genre and adaptation: Stephen King on the Big Screen

Read the review:

Stephen King was among the first generation of horror writers to be overtly influenced by cinematic horror as well as literary, so it’s hardly surprising that he is the most widely adapted horror novelist there is. These adaptations are, as Mark Browning observes in this excellent work, very hit-and-miss. Indeed, a great plus of this book is its blatant non-fanboyism. It is a meticulously critical work; scholarly but not pretentious, giving both praise and scorn where it’s due, and acknowledging the greatnesses and flaws of the films as adaptations, suggesting some interesting viewing strategies along the way. Films are divided into theme, e.g. prison movies, rite of passage, telekinesis etc., and analysed from various intelligent positions. An excellent study of why adaptations work/fail, and for any King fan it’s definitive.

– Andrew McQuade, Gorezone

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