Friday, 16 May 2008

Art education, Science, Technology and Culture collide in a new book from Intellect

The future of art and education is evolving, propelling artists into unknown territory in the new media age.

Educating Artists for the Future edited by Mel Alexenberg offers ground-breaking guidelines for higher art-education, focusing on the way that contemporary education must accept and reflect changes in digital and cultural systems. This is the first book concerned with educating artists for the post-digital age, and presents dynamic teaching strategies from a culturally diverse range of artists, researchers and teachers, focusing on student-concentrated, interactive learning. Alexenberg’s volume provides imaginative discussion for teaching the relationships between art and technology, recognising the complex balance between cultural pride and global awareness. Educating Artists for the Future charts the dissolving boundaries between science, technology, culture and art, redefining higher art-education.

Title Info:
Educating Artists for the Future: Learning at the Intersections of Art, Science, Technology and Culture.
Editor: Mel Alexenberg
ISBN: 9781841501918
Paperback: 230x174mm
Published: 01 April 08
Price: £29.95 / $60

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