Monday, 19 May 2008

Free online access for Developing Countries

Intellect now offers universities and educational institutions in developing countries free online access to its journals portfolio. The list below has been drawn-up using a study of less economically developed countries published by the World Bank. We have also added a number of South American countries, Palestine and Iraq.

All educational institutions in the following countries are eligible for this offer:

Afghanistan Guinea Papua New Guinea
Bangladesh Guinea-Bissau Rwanda
Benin Honduras São Tomé
Bhutan Iraq Senegal
Burkina Faso Kazakhstan Sierra Leone
Burundi Republic of Kenya Solomon Islands
Cambodia Kyrgyz Republic Somalia
Central African Republic Lao PDR Sudan
Chad Liberia Tajikistan
Comoros Madagascar Tanzania
Congo, Dem. Rep Malawi Timor-Leste
Côte d'Ivoire Mali Mauritania Togo
Eritrea Mongolia Uganda
El Salvador Mozambique Uruguay
Ethiopia Myanmar Uzbekistan
Gambia Nepal Yemen, Rep
Ghana Niger Zambia
Guatemala Palestine Zimbabwe

Please go to:
and complete the Intellect journals online registration form, ensuring all details are entered correctly. Any request originating from outside the countries listed will not be processed. If your claim is valid, it will be processed and online access set up via Atypon Link.

We hope that this scheme will prove useful for scholars in the developing world. Intellect wishes to thank our editors and authors for making this offer possible.

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