Monday, 23 June 2008

New book debates art education around the world

The 2006 InSEA conference’s aim was to facilitate debate in higher art-education on an international and multicultural basis. With global contributions, International Dialogues about Visual Culture, Education and Art reflects this aim, discussing themes in higher art-education in order to help solve global issues surrounding the subject. This diverse collection focuses on international themes in art education, ranging from discussions of educational policy and art theory to art projects based on international political issues. This political aspect of art education illustrated through community projects offers the volume to a wide audience, from art educators to scholars to those interested in the relationship between politics and art. International Dialogues about Visual Culture, Education and Art engages with new, often unheard voices, offering a representative discussion of global art-education issues.

Title Info
International Dialogues abut Visual Culture, Education and Art
Editors: Rachel Mason and Teresa Eça
ISBN: 9781841501673
Paperback 256 pages 230x174mm
Published: 01 June 08
Price: £19.95 / $40.00

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Anonymous said...

ood that you featured this book,because art ed is at a low ebb, but why no featuring of your equally new 'Educating Artists for the Future' edited by Mel Alexenberg, the scope of which really is international, creatively and technologically aware, and future-oriented in scope?


If you take a moment and read further back on our blog under 'older posts', you'll find we did do a feature on this very blog about the book you mention, 'Educating Artists for the Future' edited by Mel Alexenberg.

It was featured on Friday, 16 May 2008 after the book was published. Links to Mel Alexenberg's website and blog also appear permanently on this main page in the 'Author and Editor Links' section, in fact at the current time he is the only person to appear in this section.
I hope that helps.


You can find the post here: