Monday, 16 June 2008

New book surveys fifty years of design and looks to the future of the industry

In The Designer, Rosemary Sassoon surveys fifty years of change in the world of design, evaluating the skills that have been lost, how new techniques affect everyday work, and how training methods prepare students for employment. This indispensable volume reveals how design is both an art and a skill – one with a rich past and momentous relevance for the future. Sassoon provides a fascinating account of her own career from her beginnings at art school and an apprenticeship, with accounts of long-forgotten techniques of the art. This is an important study of design as an art and a skill – a practical tool with a rich past and relevance for the future.

The Designer
demonstrates how flexible attitudes and several lines of expertise work well in an ever-changing world. The book also includes contributions from eminent professionals in the field, focusing on the present and future roles designers play in society. Weaving together biography and career advice, theory and practice, The Designer provides a unique history of the art form and looks ahead to an age of ever-changing attitudes to drawing, aesthetics, and artistic practice.

Title Info: The Designer: Half a Century of Change in Image, Training, and Techniques
Author: Rosemary Sassoon
ISBN: 9781841501956
Paperback: 230x174mm
Price: £14.95 / $30

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